The Myhome.tsinghua site provides a table where one can access the service condition of classroom across the campus. However, this is somehow not practical.

The site displays when which classroom is occupied or not. A brochure is also printed and distributed among students indicating when which classroom is occupied with scheduled lessons. However, classrooms maybe borrowed for other purposes, causing the actual occupancy table to change. Thus, the site is useful yet inconvenient if one wants to get the latest information of classrooms available.

However, what’s usually needed is: given a date, a desired classroom building, and some time spans, we want to know which classrooms are available. This can be easily done with the data available, but surprisingly there’s no official support.

Thus I came up with this idea to implement a Python HTML parser to parse the HTML table available for this purpose. The Python file is hosted on Google App Engine. Please follow the link below to the app page.

 Tsinghua Classroom